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Friday Favorites

By Thedreamery


Between a golf tournament in three weeks, which I am looking forward to since my friends from home will be coming out to not only participate but pay me a much-needed visit. Add on a 50th Anniversary gala in October and training for ALSF’s Million Mile Run, starting next week {see more information here about the endeavor I’m embarking for this cause} There’s a reason even when I escape into dreamland I’m either working, or dealing with other situations you go to sleep to escape. I’ve mentioned it before, it’s not stress, it’s just the overwhelming pressure to plan every detail of multiple events, and if you know me it’s every detail that usually gets unnoticed, while juggling it all on my own and dealing with not the most easiest of people or daily battles that veer me off track. But that’s the thing about life, it will throw you the hardest of hurdles, at the SAME time, to challenge  you and push you to go above and beyond to accomplish anything when you feel absolutely hopeless. I’m determined more than ever to do what it takes to see my vision come to life, no matter how upset, frustrated or angry I may be at the end of the day, I know I got it. Plus it helps to have a great support system, and even though mine isn’t nearby I’ve realized that there are just certain people, who no matter how long you’ve gone without talking or how many miles far you may be, they always manage to encourage you and feel like the greatest version of yourself. I’m feeling really thankful for the friends in my life!! Just remember sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place.

This weekend stop thinking start doing!

Need this side table from Target, love the pink stone top that match my coasters
I’ve really been into using large collard leaves instead of grain tortillas for my healthy summer wraps
I can’t keep up with Tucson summers, one day will be 105* the next a brisk morning that requires a warm Vanilla Chai Latte from Ike’s Coffee
PicMonkey Collage
My week’s have been ending on a brighter note with pistachio and black cherry gelato from Frost
You know you’re in the Southwest when they have grills specifically made for fire roasting chilli peppers
The one and only time I’ve seen water in Tucson, right after a ten minute storm. It’s too bad it didn’t last until the morning, I definitely miss the water….
Friday Favorites

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