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Friday Faves: It's Friday #TGIF! No. 1

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_

Friday Faves:  It's Friday #TGIF!  No. 1

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I'm extremely glad today is Friday!  Yes, yes and yes some more.  YES!!!  Are you hearing reading what I'm saying?!  I'm probably more excited about it than usual because I am "still" adjusting to being back from a few days of vacation!  Ooops, yes, I was gone...I was a bit incognito about it.  But, if you follow me on Instagram or by searching for @_thisandthat_ you knew I was somewhere fun, doing really fun things!  Anywho...
So, excited today is Friday!
A typical Friday for me is wake-up at 5:15 a.m. if not before.  Any week day is "this" typical for me...  Thanks to my trusty Fitbit alarm.  If you have one, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Usually, though I'm up-an-adam before it even goes off.  Well, wait...let me clarify...I'm up (sort of), however, I'm still in bed and not awake just yet...  It takes awhile, S (my BF) can attest to this.  I need my coffee!!!!  I'm not a talker in the morning either.  In all honesty, S, is probably reading this shaking his head in agreement and "thinking" I need to "insert" some commentary here about Heather not being awake...  He he.

Sooooo, back to my typical Friday morning:  I clean.  Yep, you read that correctly, I clean the bathrooms.  Every Friday morning.  Period.  Then I make my coffee.  Well, coffee is made after the first bathroom is done and I've checked my email.  Too funny, I know!  But, it's so very true.  No joke!
And then, the usual, get ready for work routine and my long drive to work.  Yep, long and from.  Let's just say I spend a lot of time in my car and have a great selection of music and "car" radio routine.  That's a post for another day.  A detailed post.  Too funny!  Yes, I can really devote an entire post to my commute to and from work and what goes on during that time frame. 
Gosh, I must be cracking you up right now!  I'm chuckling as I write this.
A funny little tidbit from today...

Speaking of the-usual-get-ready-for-work-routine... Somehow, someway I deviated from my "usual" routine and completely forgot deodorant and perfume this morning!!!  I was still on the highway, almost to my exit and it dawned on me that I forgot to put it on.  I was like, oh my goodness!  Don't worry I picked up some deodorant and was good to go.  Well, actually a fabulous co-worker grabbed some for me.  So sweet of her and it gave her quite the chuckle too! S, the BF, laughed too!  You can laugh, it's ok, I won't be offended.  It's funny, I know.  It happens, part of life.  Sometimes, you just forgot the deodorant!
Sometimes you just need a laugh.  A laugh-out-loud laugh!  You know what I mean jelly bean?!
Happy Friday and make it a great one!  Any fun and exciting plans this weekend?
Friday Faves:  It's Friday #TGIF!  No. 1

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