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Friday Fade – March Goes Out Like A Lamb

Posted on the 30 March 2012 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

After being jammed into equities all month on an endless string of empty promises, I'll bet you're wondering what to do next.  

Well, isn't that the problem?  You shouldn't be waiting for someone to tell you what to do with your money – it's ridiculous.  The whole industry of Financial Advisers is ridiculous – swarms of leeches who prey on your confusion and take 1% of your money or more PER YEAR.  Did it ever occur to you that 1% of your money per year is HALF of your money after 50 years in their care?  

That's right, you work hard to make money, you sacrifice to save it and then you PAY someone else to take it from you and play with it.  Isn't that silly?  We pointed out on Monday that the average performance of even the best Financial Advisers is WORSE than flipping a coin yet still, the vast majority of people in this country let other people handle their investments – that's no even rational…

Friday Fade – March Goes Out Like A Lamb
Of course, the Financial Community does their best to keep the whole thing as confusing as possible and the regulators pass rules that herd small investors into very narrow ranges of choices, most of which are funds that collect fees of some sort.  How is it that our Grandparents did quite well for themselves just buying AT&T and putting it in a draw for 30 years – getting their dividend checks and benefitting from the growth of the company?  Was Grandpa that much smarter than you?

No, he wasn't – he simply wasn't influenced by the Big Business-backed Mainstream Media who sell investments the way they used to sell cigarettes – telling consumers that many products that are dangerous to your financial health are actually good for you or, in the very least – will make you "cool".  

Unfortunately, by accident or by design, investing and economics are not taught in our schools – other than to the business majors who end up going to work for the companies whose sole purpose in life is to get their hands on your money and rape you for fees – isn't is interesting how things worked out that way?  All the "sophisticated" investors work AGAINST you and all the unsophisticated investors – the perennial bottom 99% – simply go to work and, if they accidentally accumulate…

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