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Fresh Finds at Redefine Home

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

It’s summertime and I couldn’t be happier.  Time to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  I’m looking forward to time spent reading, gardening and lots of water activities.   But in order to free up time later, I’ve been a busy little bee this spring, finding great new things for our store.  And in the spirit of spending less time inside I’m going to keep this feature short and sweet.  Here are a few of my favorite new things at Redefine Home this month.

Reclaimed painted wood bed
The Nantucket Bed – reclaimed wood with remnants of paint.  Fun!  It’s part of a collection of pieces that I’ll be releasing over the course of the summer.

Antique hand carved animal

Wooden Beast – One of our new found objects.  This is an antique, hand carved animal (any guesses what kind?).

Granite Clay Vase with Black Matte Interior

I showed you a sneak peak of Humble Ceramics a few weeks ago, and now we’re finally launching!  This piece, the brain vase, is my favorite.

Traditional Waxed Elm End Table

This is the Mackenzie Side Table and I think it’s one of the classiest pieces we’ve got.  I’m not sure why exactly, it’s just got a nice shape and I love the waxed elm finish.

Find these and the rest of our fresh finds in the What’s New section of Redefine Home.  Then take a break and head outside.

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