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Fremont St.

By Thebangtoddowenwaldorf @BangLiving

Vegas.  What do I have to say about thee?  I came, I parked my car, found a place to live, and I even got a job in your Fremont St.fourth (or first, depending on who’s asking) worst unemployment numbers in the country.  Well first off, I left.  Yes, I snuck out of the back door and I am in Colorado right now.  It wasn’t you, but twas me.  You work long hours.  I go on walks into the canyon but you are never there.  You’re just never there for me Vegas.  You give me just enough attention to keep me interested but that’s not enough, and while I found a great place to live, was digging the surrounding trails, the satisfaction just wasn’t there.  Ya, I got a job.  I was hired at a animal hospital.  Oh the things you showed me that first day!  It’s no wonder I spent the second day quitting, and instead of seeing the uglier side of that animal hospital, went to watch airplanes land instead (hey, airplanes are cool).

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