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Freebies for the Weekend

By Sue15cat
Freebies for the Weekend
Both of my subscription magazines arrived this morning, this one with £8.18 worth of seeds in the packet it came in ....
Freebies for the Weekend
... and this one with £2.65 worth.
They are proving to be a really good subscriptions, the initial offer of freebies more than covered the cost of the year long subscription to both of them, and the free seeds just keep on rolling in.  I intend to have a sort of of all my seeds this coming week and decide which I will keep for planting and which will go into a box to be sold a our first car boot sale of the season.  Any money made from the sale of the seeds will go into a 'growing fund' to purchase anything I need for growing more food for us.
Freebies for the Weekend
Also last night on our first visit to the cinema of the weekend, we did what we nearly always do and came home with some popcorn for the chickens.  We don't buy any for ourselves, we take drinks in with us and rarely buy anything on offer at the snack counters to eat, unlike some folk who seem to think they are in imminent danger of starvation during the course of a two hour film and buy drinks, crisps, sweets and icecreams.  I know it can be a treat to visit the cinema but do you really need to munch your way noisily through a three course 'meal' while you watch your chosen film!!
And don't get me started on the rubbish they leave  strewn on the floor when they leave ...... and this is where our bags of popcorn for the chickens come from.  We stay in our seats reading the credits until the cinema is almost empty and then as we walk down the steps glance down the lines of seats, nine times out of ten there will be at least one almost full bag of popcorn.
Better in our chicken tummies as a little weekend treat than in the bin and on the way to landfill.
Freebies for the Weekend
Final freebie of the weekend ..... another elastic band that came holding the packets of seeds together .... every little helps  :-)
Have a good weekend.
Sue xx

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