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FREEBIE: Play/Adventure Kits (ALL)

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Free Play/Adventure Kits
Get these themed activities for nature detectives instantly.
Some favourites:
Age 0-2 - Winter badges - Collect keepsakes from your woodland wander.
Brilliant beech leaf colouring page - Get creative with your mini Nature Detective.
Super sunshine colouring page - Make your own little rays of sunshine.
Leaf collection - Introduce lots of leaves to your little one.
Super sycamore colouring page - Help your little one bring this sycamore leaf and seed to life.
Juicy blackberry colouring page - Get creative with your little one and color in this juicy blackberry.
Age 3-5 - Autumn color bingo - How many of these autumnal colours can you find?
Super snow angel - Pull on your warmest woollies – it’s time to play!
Bright ice lanterns - Make glistening outdoor candle holders to light up winter nights.
Marvelous mud creatures - There’s nothing better than playing in the mud!
Tree-mendous tree faces - How many faces can you find in the woods?
Mega mud pies - Magic up some marvelous mud pies!
Tree-mendous twig towers - Unleash your inner artist next time you’re in the woods.
Twig hunt - Get detecting and see how many of these twigs can you find.
Age 6+ - Garden birds ID - Identify the birds that visit your garden with this handy spotter sheet.
First signs of spring - Look for signs that spring is on its way.
Field maple colouring page - Grab your favorite pens and pencils and get colouring!
Blackberry cobbler - Grab your ingredients and get your bake on!
Forest floor – colouring page - Be a real Nature Detective and get puzzling.
Forest floor – instructions - Be a real Nature Detective and get puzzling.
Forest floor – divide and discover - Be a real Nature Detective and get puzzling.
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