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FREEBIE: Free Make-Your-Own Snuggie Pattern (ALL)

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: The Snuggie is a Big Hit in My House, by Shawn Collins, on Flickr
A Snuggie is just a big fleece blanket with sleeves, so they really can't be that hard to make.
I found some great free patterns to make your own!
Welmoed’s Sewing Room has created a PDF how-to for sewing your own fleece blanket from 3 yards of polar fleece.
You could go to a second hand shop, buy a blanket for real cheap and make one or more of these!
Click for the pattern instructions
Click for more patterns and templates:
• Adult Snuggie pattern and template
Make Your Own Snuggie pattern
Child's sized Snuggie pattern
Child's pattern and template
• Snuggie pattern for dogs
Stock Photo credit: The Snuggie is a Big Hit in My House
by Shawn Collins, on Flickr

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