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FREEBIE: Coloring Books from 113 Museums

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Coloring Book For Adults, by A_Different_Perspective/Silke on Pixabay
Museums and libraries worldwide took part in a campaign where they provided free coloring books, letting you color artwork from their collections and share it on social media platforms, using the hashtag #ColorOurCollections. Below you can find a collection of free coloring books, which you can download and continue to enjoy.

Image: Coloring page made from a woodcut on the first page from Alexander Barclay's The Boke of Codrus and Mynalcas, printed in London in 1521 | The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

Alexander Barclay's The Boke of Codrus and Mynalcas

🖍️ Andover-Harvard Theological Library coloring book
🖍️ Biodiversity Heritage Library coloring books
🖍️ Bodleian Library (PDF) coloring book
🖍️ Boston's Countway Library's Center for the History of Medicine coloring book
🖍️ Digital Public Library of America coloring books
🖍️ Dittrick Medical History Center Rare Book Collections, Case Western Reserve University (PDF) coloring book
🖍️ Europeana coloring book
🖍️ Folger Library coloring book
🖍️ Historical Medical Library of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia coloring book
🖍️ James Madison University coloring book (PDF)
🖍️ Lithuanian Art Museum coloring book
🖍️ London's Royal College of Physicians coloring book
🖍️ Memoria Chilena Coloring Book 2019
🖍️ National Archives of the United States coloring book (patents)
🖍️ New York Academy of Medicine 2016 coloring book (PDF) and New York Academy of Medicine 2014 coloring book(PDF)
🖍️ New York Botanical Garden coloring book
🖍️ New York Public Library coloring book (PDF)
🖍️ Open Library coloring book
🖍️ Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center at the Davenport Public Library coloring book
🖍️ Special Collections and Rare Books, University of Missouri Libraries coloring book (PDF)
🖍️ Smithsonian Libraries coloring book (PDF)
🖍️ The Getty coloring book
🖍️ The Huntington coloring page
🖍️ The Open Library coloring book
🖍️ Wangensteen Historical Library, University of Minnesota coloring book
🖍️ And many more museum coloring books!

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