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FREE Video Game Week: Need for Speed World

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham
For our first game, Miles picked Need for Speed World. You sign up (which is very easy) and download the game. Then log-in and pick your car and driver. You can practice driving first, which I highly suggest, and then join races or do an outlaw race where you run from the police and try not to get busted before the finish line.
Need for Speed World controls
I practiced driving around using the keyboard and then an xbox controller. I have to say, the xbox controller is MUCH easier for me to steer. It took me a couple hours to get comfortable driving around at full speed without crashing into every obstacle in my path (and to my sides).
There are a lot of keys on the keyboard that you use also. H is the safe house, E... uh, I forgot already, one of the keys looks behind you, another gives you a different view. It's pretty easy once you learn all this. There is a How to Play guide. I guess I could have started out by reading that, but where is the fun in that?
Need for Speed World Pros
Of course, being free is a huge bonus.
I also really enjoyed the different maps and routes. Huge blue blinking arrows point the way you need to go on your course rather than just guessing how you are supposed to find the finish line.
When you get busted in the police chase, you can respawn three times before you are out of the game, which is nice. If it weren't for the three respawns, I wouldn't have made it very far.
You can decorate your car, add power-ups, different colored paint and vinyl decals to your car for ultimate coolness.
If you are first to third in a race, you can pick from five different winning cards (gold, silver and bronze depending on your place) which gives you added bonuses for the game.
You can add friends that you meet on the game and teleport to them when they are online. That was a lot easier than spending 20 minutes going "What landmarks are you near? What do you mean the dinosaur? Where is the dinosaur? What building? What blinking lights building with the arch? Are we on the same map?"
Need for Speed World Cons
Police chases turn my language to rather colorful and offensive language.
Racing actually makes my blood pressure rise!
But seriously. the biggest down side to Need for Speed World that I found was, depending on your computers performance, the server you are on and the number of players online at a time, you can experience a lot of lag which throws the control of your car. I had a few issues with it when I was trying to turn. By the time the server/computer caught up with my controls, I was plowing through street signs, cars and into walls rather than smoothly sailing through the police barricade. Playing on Miles' computer I did MUCH better!
If you want a cool decal or a pricier paint, you need to level up first. The higher the level, the cooler pricier things you can buy. This isn't a huge con, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
Need for Speed World Rating (out of 10 stars)
  1. Overall rating: 9 out of 10 stars (the lag pissed me off)
  2. Game play: 9 out of 10 stars (see comment above)
  3. Controls: 9 out of 10 Once I knew what I was doing driving was easy. But there are a lot of keys to press for different things. I highly suggest reading "How to Play".
  4. Fun factor: 100 out of 10... oh, darn, my rating system doesn't go that high!
  5. Kid friendly? Well, I think so. I didn't see anything that would make me gasp in horror. Unless running from the police offends you, I think it could be a fun family game for... oh, maybe 10 and up... unless their sign up has an age (I didn't notice one)
Teenager Review of Need for Speed World

Dotchi: So Miles, what do you like best about Need for Speed World?
Miles: I would say the intense police chases and the wide variety of cars.
Dotchi: Cool. What do you suggest to new players who have never played before?
Miles: First, figure out if you are better at keyboard or xbox controller, that's if they have one, of course. And then, I would start driving around at a slow pace so you can get used to it and learn the map.
Dotchi: So, how did I do learning to play?
Miles: The first six hours? Or the last six hours?
Dotchi: *blush* uh, erm, uh... both...
Miles: In the beginning, you started out like most people, slamming into everything. After a few hours of driving around and getting used to the controls, you weren't bad. In the end, you were right on my tail, along with the cops. And holy cow, I didn't know there were that many cuss words!
Dotchi: ON TO the next topic! How would you rate Need for Speed World?
Miles: Overall rating, I would give it about an 8 out of 10. It's a free game but you can't expect too much from it because you didn't pay for it. If you do pay for it, you pay for it knowing the quality of the game.
Dotchi: How about game play?
Miles: Game play is good. I'd give it about a 7 out of 10 because you can't rotate all the way around your car. They took that out a few months back. It's just like any other Need for Speed if you are using a controller. If you are using the keyboard, it can be a little difficult.
Dotchi: That's an understatement.
Lando Kitten: Meow
Dotchi: Hush kitty. How about fun factor?
Miles: I'd give it a 10 out of 10. I personally like racing games so I find it to be very fun.
Dotchi: I like that answer. Do you think it's kid friendly?
Miles: Oh yea, very. That's assuming their parents don't mind them running from an automated police officer.
Dotchi: Cool, thanks. Anything else you want to add?
Miles: This game is actually a very demanding game for a computer. It's hard on your video card and CPU so you'll want to check on the gaming specs..
So there you have it. The teenagers point of view.From The Baker's Acres! Read more at

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