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FREE Video Game Week

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham
My 16 year old son gave me a wonderful idea for this coming up week! Free Video Game Week! No, we aren't giving away video games, I wish I could. We will be playing a free video game a day and reviewing it from mom's point of view and the teen's point of view. Here are the made up rules for the reviews.
  1. Miles picks the games. (Oh boy, what did I just sign up for?)
  2. The game to be free to play.
  3. We both play the games on different computers, using different specs. 
  4. We'll play each game for two hours each (or three... or four...)
  5. We will both review the game play, the game itself and rate it using a 5 star system.
  6. We will put down the novice gamer's view (that would be me) and the experienced gamer's view (that would be Miles).
  7. We will put down how long it took us to get used to the controls (this should be entertaining on my end)
  8. I will sign up for the new accounts and tell you how hard or easy that is also.
This should be fun! We have our list and we'll start on Monday.
Updates: Here are the reviews!

Need for Speed World


Combat Arms

Battlestar Galatica Online

From The Baker's Acres!

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