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Free Postcode Lottery Review: An Honest One!

Posted on the 04 August 2018 by Martins97
Free Postcode Lottery Review: An Honest One!

Winning cash for free is no doubt one of my new found hobbies, and Free Postcode Lottery allows you and I to do just that. Simply type in any post code (or your post code!), check back daily and see if you have won the prize draw which could be up to £1215. This is why we have written this Free Postcode Lottery review to help you earn some free cash.

Also, for each day you log in and check the results, you earn a 1p bonus. This means that if your postcode comes up in the draw, you will win the jackpot and any free postcode lottery bonus money you have earned.

This online lottery is no doubt a unique one with boxes of surprise just for you: provide your email address and post code and stand a chance to win money daily! However, there are various trade-offs- such as its exclusivity to UK residents and the little prizes it offers. It is also free to join with a registration form that can be completed in under two minute but is it really enough to win you over? Let's find out.

How the site is funded
Free Postcode Lottery Review: An Honest One!

The pickmypostcode site is funded from advertising revenue- the more you and others log in daily to check game results, the more cash the site makes from advertising revenue. This helps them provide you with daily draws. So yes, there are plenty of adverts and no, you shouldn't be using adblock on a lottery site that is giving you free money.


Aside the main prize draw, there is also an opportunity to win a smaller stack of cash- the stackpot. That means whenever you come to the site at different times each day, you will discover a block of block codes on the stackpot page. If your post code appears there then click it to win £10 via Paypal.

Jackpot information

The daily jackpot is currently at £150 but if unfortunately the other person claims your cash when your post code comes up more than once, then you'll have to split the pot. If the prize isn't claimed, it is rolled over to the next day.

Claiming your winnings

If you get lucky for your post code to be selected then there will be a big "claim" button popping up. Once claimed you can opt to be paid via Amazon vouchers or Paypal. You can also choose to donate all of your winnings, in which case FPL will double your amount and donate them to charity!

Is your information safe/will you be spammed?

After sign up you will get a daily reminder in your inbox to log in and see if you've won- you can unsubscribe from these mails any time. Fortunately, the owner will never sell your personal information to a third party, so you can rest assured that your details are safe. You can unsubscribe from FBL whenever you see the need to.


Playing and registration are one and the same thing when it comes to Free Postcode Lottery.

I loved how fast and easy everything was. This is because providing your personal information is considered your entry as well, thereby gunning two ducks with a single bullet. However, if you do not live within the UK, you won't be able to participate in their games at all. It's a minor setback, especially considering they have another site primarily catering to international player( this is discussed at the later end of this article)

Bonuses, Promotions, and Games The free postcode lottery flash draw offers 6 games-or draws- in total, but if you're expecting games like the Mega Millions, Powerball, or likes of them, you're are In for a big disappointment.

Technically speaking, Free Postcode Lottery only offers 1 main game, called the "Main Draw". To enter, you just provide your email address and post code and you're good to go! The 5 games left are a simply bonus game that needs extra actions for players to qualify.

Free Postcode Lottery Review: An Honest One!

Let's take a quick look at the other 5 draws/games that Free Postcode Lottery offers:

Video Draw: To qualify for this type of draw, you must go to the video draw page and watch a video clip. Prizes to be won start at £100.

Survey Draw: In Free Postcode Lottery Survey Draw, you (player) must answer a survey to qualify. Prizes are slightly lower (£50).

Stackpot: To participate in the Stackpot draw, you only need to visit the page- no need to take surveys or answer videos! Players stand to win £10 twice daily, at 9am and 9pm.

Bonus Draw: The Bonus Draw works in a different manner when compared to the rest, and it requires more effort from players. For visiting the website, you get 1p bonus daily. Plus, you get the same when you check out the video Draw, check out the pages for the Main Draw, the Survey Draw, making referrals, and completing offers on the Bonus Draw page. Once you acquired certain achievement, you can then access the £5, £10, or £20 Bonus Draws.

Please note: the bonus is only added to your winnings when you win a prize from any of the draws (excluding the Flash Draw).

Flash Draw: The Free Postcode Lottery Flash Draw is a unique instant win game that gives you the opportunity to win £5 every day. To win, you must find a uniqe image that randomly pops on ad slots found throughout the website. If you happen to find one, just click on it and in 7 days, your prize will be sent to your Paypal account.

For Non-UK Residents
Free Postcode Lottery Review: An Honest One!

Since Free Postcode Lottery is only for those who live in the UK and other areas using the British postcode system, Freemojilottery was created so people in other parts of the earth can encounter a similar experience. Freemojilottery and Free Postcode Lottery work in similar way, except for the fact that you don't use postcodes to enter a draw. Instead, you(player) simply pick a set of 5 different emojis to enter. If the combination of emojis gets picked in the draw each day, you win! Prizes depend on the draw.

Plus, they offer a bonus draw called the Fivers Draw. In this type of draw, players who are entered into the Main Draw are also entered. 5 winning combinations are selected on a daily basis, where each combination is worth $5.

Trust and Security

For a site that offers free lottery, Free Postcode Lottery is surprisingly safe.

Don't believe me? Free Postcode Lottery is highly rated in TrustPilot, where 92% of 2000 customer reviews agree that it is a trusted lottery site. The website makes use of SSL encryption to ensure your email is safe.

Experience (Interface and Ease of Use)

Playing is relatively easy but you'd need more effort when it comes to claiming prizes- but it's all adds up to the uniqueness of this site.

As a player, you need to check Free Postcode Lottery daily to see if you've won. If you win, you'll notice a "collect" button that initiates the payout process via Paypal (or, as I earlier said, via Amazon e-voucher if you don't have Paypal). Every winner has 24 hours to claim prizes, so if you win but fail to claim your money, kiss it good bye!

FPL has taken measures to reduce the risk of this happening by sending out reminders on a daily basis, so don't forget to check the winning postcodes. If by luck, you win but forget to claim your winnings, the prizes will simply rollover to the next day draw until somebody wins.

For shared postcodes (people who live in the dame compound, apartment, house and the like), cash won will be equally split among those who successfully claims the prize.

Lastly, every player is entitled to one entry per draw. Creating more than one email address to register multiple entries is frowned upon by Free Postcode Lottery. You can kiss your account bye-bye as soon as they detect any such activity, the offending player will be disqualified and banned immediately, so don't even try playing smart!

Payment/Withdrawal Options

There is really no need to deposit any cash (It's ENTIRELY FREE, remember?)- Just make sure you have a PP account, so you can receive your winnings!

Free Postcode Lottery doesn't pay prizes through bank transfers or any other method, so make sure your Paypal is all set and ready to receive cash before you joining a draw. But, just in case you don't have a PP account, FPL can also send your prize through Amazon E-Voucher. It's a great alternative, especially if you are a hard-core shopper on Amazon. But,if you want to withdraw your winnings to the bank of your choice. I suggest you use Paypal instead.

Free Postcode Lottery Review: An Honest One!
Customer Support

Free Postcode Lottery provides a good customer support for users.

I really do not expect Free Postcode Lottery to provide deep materials and series of live support channels. This is no traditional lottery website. Also, I was shocked to discover that their FAQs solved almost everything you need to know about their site- from completing your registration to claiming your winnings and more. And if you encounter any issue or have questions that their self-help systems, you can easily reach out to Free Postcode Lottery via their online contact form.

Free Postcode Lottery Review: An Honest One!

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