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The simple but incorrect answer we constantly hear is expressed by the familiar statement, &ldquo Alcoholism is a disease.&rdquo In other words, we can treat away these problems in a medical setting. This viewpoint has proved so appealing that it has been adopted by professional organizations and government agencies as well as by groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. And now the &ldquo disease&rdquo label is applied not only to alcoholism, drug addiction, cigarette smoking, and overeating, but also to gambling, compulsive shopping, desperate romantic attachments, and even committing rape or killing one&rsquo s newborn child! .&rsquo s image of &ldquo powerlessness over alcohol&rdquo is being extended to everything that people feel they are unable to resist or control.

Afrikaans Essay On Drugs And How It Effects Teenagers

What are the dangers of this kind of disease treatment? Here are explanations of the disadvantages listed at the beginning of this section:


People find this in an addiction when they believe they can&rsquo t achieve the feelings they need in ordinary ways. Clearly, attitudes, values, and the opportunities available in a person&rsquo s environment have much to do with whether the person has a significant risk for a particular addiction.

As We May Think - The Atlantic

Incedentally, Mormon core doctrine says they 8767 re all members of one of the 67 houses of Israel by birth or divine adoption. and the Jews are all relatives. They also understand well what it is like to be surrounded by governments trying to obliterate them, and feel compassionate towards these problems too.

Worst of all, therapies that were devised for the most incorrigible children though they don&rsquo t benefit even these unfortunate kids have been spreading down the ladder to more and more children whose behavior represents typical adolescent exploration and insubordination. Parents are then confronted over whether they want to &ldquo save&rdquo their kids or allow them to die, as though the latter were the normal outcome of adolescence. The threat of their children&rsquo s dying is then used as emotional blackmail to make parents accept the sacrifices necessary to place their children in expensive residential treatment programs.

HIV and Aids are deadlyThere is no knowing where HIV came from.. But during this time, HIV is damaging their immune system.. AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.. Unlike HIV aids is different in every infected person.. Like HIV aids has no cure..

Watch that “proto-fascismâ€� label. If you help make relatively peaceful ejection of the suicidalists by men and women of goodwill impossible by equating it with fascism, you’ll be helping guarantee that the job gets done by people far nastier than Ann Coulter â€" real fascists with truncheons.

It ignores the rest of the person&rsquo s problems in favor of blaming them all on the addiction. When someone like Carrie Hamilton lectures about her youthful drug abuse and delinquency (often alongside her mother, Carol Burnett), she makes drug abuse and family failures sound like mysterious, unavoidable illnesses that some people and their parents &ldquo have.&rdquo Of course, this excuses her and her mother from dealing with painful problems they would prefer to avoid. But by adopting the disease identity as her protection through the rest of her life, the youthful convert guarantees that she cannot grow beyond the limitations of her adolescent family life. Can people hope for more than this?

We are not going to reject the Stalinist memes unless and until some terrorist nukes Flatbush Avenue and puts Junior’s Deli out of business permanently. At that point, we will turn Damascus or Tehran into radioactive glass, and we won’t feel the least bit sorry about it.

In positive negative devolopement type of essay questions , do we need to give our opinion in the first paragraph?


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