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Free Collage Template (9 Photos)!

By Elena @croppedstories

This is going to be a less words on Wednesday for me!  I’m resorting to my Instagram shots; haven’t been able to pick up my camera in a few days.  If you like the collage below, feel free to grab it HERE!  It’s a .psd Photoshop file 850 px wide.  As a reminder, you just click on the layer named “PLACE PHOTO HERE”, that I highlighted in red, and go to FILE / PLACE to choose the image you’d like to insert in the square.  My template does not include the text.

So from left to right:

1st row - Livi watching her boyfriend Jake on TV / Livi sportin’ her owl trick or treat bag (yeah it’s from Halloween) / Break dancing Mickey showing us his moves

2nd row – Another shot of Mickey / the hubby being silly (late at night when he is almost always delirious) / Livi posing for the camera

3rd row – My winter feet are in need of a pedicure desperately / I gave myself a French manicure, but that’s not the most exciting part!  The most exciting part is that they are my own nails!  That’s right!  / Me!  All sketched out of course!  Thought it was cool!  Of course, I don’t look very happy do I?  It’s just the angle.

Instagram collage 9 with pictures & title

Free collage template (9 photos)!Free collage template (9 photos)!Live and Love...Out Loud

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