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Free Birth Control

By Newsanchormom

Free Birth Control
Wow! More women will be getting free birth control. I am not sure on the political details of this one, but it sounds like a plan that will help a lot of women.
FROM NBC: Starting August 1st, 2012 -- insurance companies will be required to cover all FDA approved contraceptives for new plans without a co-pay. This includes the pill, IUD's and the so-called "morning after pill" a prescription that works by blocking or delaying ovulation.
Nearly half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned.
Dr. Deborah Nucatola/ Planned Parenthood Federation: "Women, when they do have unidentified pregnancies, are less likely to seek prenatal care, and if they do seek prenatal care, they are less likely to get enough prenatal care." OB-GYN'Ss say the ability to plan for pregnancies is crucial for women's health.
Dr. Ted Anderson/Vanderbilt University Medical Center: "Women who have rapid successive pregnancies that is pregnancies within a year of their most previous delivery are at increased risk for preterm delivery and other complications of pregnancy."
And "birth control" isn't the only reason women use it. Dr. Judy Yolkar/Cleveland Clinic: "Contraceptives are used top control irregular bleeding, skin conditions, endometriosis treatment." The guidelines include a provision that allows religious institutions to opt out of birth control coverage.
Women with health coverage will also be entitled to an annual physical, HPV screening, Breast pumps and counseling on domestic violence. The guidelines do not require coverage of RU-486 and other medications used to chemically induce abortions. Some brand name drugs may have a co-pay if a generic version is available.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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