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FRAUD !–part Two

Posted on the 14 November 2012 by Eowyn @DrEowyn

FRAUD !–part two

Today we’ll take a look at the eletion fraud in my homestate, Florida.

At my precinct (which is overwhelmingly white conservative), there was 1 ballot registering machine.

When that machine started jamming and considerably slowing down the line movement, the supervisor offered to collect ballots of the people standing in line, place them in a ‘sealed’ bag to be counted later.

The response was an unanimous “NO” from everyone. We chose to stand in line up to 2 hours, rather than surrender our precious ballot to an unsure fate.

The result was that Mitt Romney won that precinct at 76%. All other republican backed candidates and issues won by similar numbers.

But as I stated, mine is a solidly conservative precinct.

Other precincts around Florida didn’t share the same results. ESPECIALLY in the mid-to-southern parts of the state.

FRAUD !–part two

Dan Bubalo wrote in The Daily Rant:

“I’m still trying to analyze what happened this week, and can only assess what has been placed in front of me. ”America”, such as it is, just said the following: Give me higher deficits. Give me more irresponsibility. Give me obscene taxation. Give me four more years from a rebel without a clue, and hurt me some more.” Mr. Obama is in a position to change America forever, and you may bet he intends to do so to the extent that in 2016 you will not recognize the place. Short of attempting to install Sharia law, he will do everything imaginable to make the United States a quasi European and Middle Eastern establishment, and it will be ugly and unraveling. It will take decades once he’s finished putting his tattoo on the flag. The “new normal” is already underway and there is nothing on the horizon to suggest the avalanche can now be stopped. Voters spoke, though there is no way to verify how many were legal. Game On. Game Lost. Game over for the United States.” OR IS IT ? Below is just a partial list of reported voting irregularities in Florida alone The Washington Times reported that officials in Florida banned observers from seeing the absentee ballots being opened and “there was no way to know whether the absentee ballots that were produced were the same ones that were opened, or if all the ballots were produced.” “In Florida: Obama Got Over 99% in Broward County Precincts” “BREAKING: St. Lucie County, Florida Had 141.1% Turnout; Obama Won County” “Out of 175,554 registered voters, 247,713 vote cards were cast in St. Lucie County, Florida, on Tuesday” Also read these great posts on fraud in Florida by other FOTM writers : Hardnox: Dave : Dr. Eowyn: From missing ballots to polling station supervisors refusing to allow legally ordered poll watchers to observe. These were just a sampling of the in your face, “catch us if you can, ’cause nothing will happen” flagrant vote tampering of the left. FRAUD !–part two Eight days post-election, Fl. Congressman Allen West is still fighting the fraud in his District. He is not just fighting for HIS seat, but for Our Country. He will NOT let this OBVIOUS sham of an ‘election?’ go unchallenged. And We The People owe it to Our Nation to do no less. Write. Email. Fax.Phone your states Attorney General and Board of Elections. MAKE YOURSELF BE HEARD ! If you don’t do it–Who Will ? FRAUD !–part two In Part 3, I will talk about ways you can help. In the meantime, find ways yourselves. Do some research. Get addresses and phone#’s of your States Officials. Bombard them. Let Them Know you won’t take this miscarriage of Our Right To A Fair Election lying down. FRAUD !–part two God Bless America ! ~Terry If you would like to read “FRAUD–part One” go here:

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