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Frankie Loves Gadgets (and So Do I)

By Heidi @missfinn

So I’m supposed to be sorting through receipts for my tax, but that quickly got boring so I thought I would do a quick post about something I read about in the latest Frankie magazine this morning.

Here’s a way you can recycle (or is it up-cycle?) an old school clunky and chunky typewriter and use it’s keyboard for your computer, laptop or even your iPad.  It’s called USB Typewriter and basically it’s a gadget that connects old-fashioned manual typewriters to modern-day tech.  It’s available as a DIY kit or you can buy them ready-made if you’re not too savvy with that sort of thing. Click here for a short video on how it works.

Frankie loves Gadgets (and so do I)

By the way, Frankie magazine is my new love, it’s writers are clever, switched-on, cheeky and very quirky. The latest issue is jam-packed with funny and interesting stories about people and things from Australia and around the world.

Frankie loves Gadgets (and so do I)

Make sure you check out page 119 for a trip through good-old fashioned made-for-tv costume dramas. From Brideshead Revisited through to Downton Abbey, writer Jo Walker nails her reviews beautifully, I laughed my ass off!

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