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Frank Turner, Sam Coffey, and Bad Cop / Bad Cop Takeover Toronto!

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein
Frank Turner, Coffey, Takeover Toronto!

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls played the middle show of a three-night takeover of The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on Thursday night, and things got hot!

With tourmates, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs and Bad Cop / Bad Cop, the English singer-songwriter put smiles on a lot of GTA faces and promised another night of the same with their energy, excellence and a little surprise at the end.

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While summer may have now come to a close, the good times have not. It was full, hot, sweaty, and awesome in the building. There was an energy in the crowd that only comes from love and anticipation. It's part of what makes being at live concerts special. And if Frank Turner's performance in Toronto at The Phoenix is an indication of what the transition from summer to fall 2018 is going to be like in the music scene, we're into it.

The show started with four kick-ass punk rock women. Because why the hell not?!

Bad Cop / Bad Cop is all-in everything when they hit the stage. And from their interview with Trish earlier in the day, we knew that they were ready to give their all on Thursday night. Stacey Dee - Vocals/Guitar & Jennie Cotterill - Vocals/Guitar & Myra Gallarza - Drums & Linh Le - Bass/Vocals come together to be something more than just four musicians on stage together. They're a unit, they're connected, they're really freakin' good.

Trish describes the band's music as punky with pop influences but that it rocks hard. On Thursday night at The Phoenix, Bad Cop / Bad Cop proved her right when they rocked and got a big night started.

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Local rock legends and heroes, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs took the second slot on the night - and were perfect in the middle. With theatrics, powerful energy, songs that the crowd loved, and a little dash of home cooking, there was really nothing more to ask for.

There's a reason they're sometimes referred to as the "Princes of the Underground". They showed that at The Phoenix. I mean, you can see it in the photos as they pull off big time rock poses, hit all their marks and generally host a rock and roll party while they rip through their set.

And with Sam himself dressed as Evil Elvis, things were just a more amped up than anyone may have expected or hoped for.

Toronto and Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs had a moment on Thursday night in the middle of the three-night run. Don't miss them when they're home next!

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In the headline/ main event/ "reason everyone was in the building" spot at the end of the show was Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls. And they owned it.

Turner keeps count of his live dates, and on Thursday night he played show 2239. And just like they were for shows 2238 and 2240, Toronto was ready for him, and he was ready for Toronto.

With his latest release Be More Kind at the centre of the tour, Turner played a 24-song set on Thursday night. And he saved a little surprise for last.

When it came time for the last song of the night, Max Kerman, the outstanding frontman of Hamilton rockers Arkells, came to the stage and sang Four Simple Words with the band. He also danced and played with Frank Turner, showing just how much these two dudes like each other after their time on tour in the past.

Frank Turner has built himself a loyal and loving fanbase over more than a decade of albums and more than 2000 live shows. They showed just how much they loved him at The Phoenix. And we're sure he felt it.

And we know they had a good time. We saw it.

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Frank Turner Setlist, Toronto - Thursday, September 20

🎤 Eulogy
🎤 I Still Believe
🎤 The Next Storm
🎤 1933
🎤 Little Changes
🎤 Polaroid Picture
🎤 One Foot Before The Other
🎤 Be More Kind
🎤 Once We Were Anarchists
🎤 Plain Sailing Weather
🎤 21th Century Survival Blues
🎤 If Ever I Stray
🎤 Try This At Home
🎤 Long Live The Queen
🎤 Journey Of The Magi
🎤 Cleopatra In Brooklyn
🎤 Mr Richards
🎤 Peggy Sang The Blues
🎤 Out Of Breath
🎤 Photosynthesis
🎤 Don't Worry
🎤 Recovery
🎤 Get Better
🎤 Four Simple Words (with Max Kerman of the Arkells)

words: Joshua Murray

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