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Frank is Found

By Sue15cat

Kristine Lovelady's photo.   For all those of you who have been asking about Frank the Pug and unable to follow the Facebook group, a message.   Frank is home with Phil, his Dad.  Together again where they belong.  

To whoever has our Frank, I hope you are caring for our baby. We miss Frank terribly. I want you to consider some things ... Frank is so well known now, you will never be able to take him out in public, something Frank will miss as he loved his walks and he was out with me all the time). You will not be able to have friends over to your house, for fear Frank will be discovered. With the thousand pound reward for the safe return of Frank, even your closest friends may be tempted to give us a tip. But what we offer you is a no questions asked for return of Frank and in return one thousand pounds will buy you your own black pug, or even a pug puppy, and a few other things too. If you keep Frank, you will forever be worried and looking over your shoulder, and possibly even feeling guilty. If you return Frank, you can feel good and rest assured you have done the right thing. There is nothing like raising a puppy from the moment you pick the dog up. There is an unbreakable bond that is created for life. Please do the right thing by Frank, and do the right thing by us. And if there are reasons we don't understand why you have taken Frank, and you need help with something, ie. A drug problem, putting food on the table for your family, well maybe we can even try to do something to help you out there. I think by now you will have worked out we are not angry or vengeful people, we try to be loving, and we extend that to you too. Just please, bring our boy home.

*** *** *** *** ***

The Story taken from 'Salford Online' this afternoon

Joy for Salford family as missing Frank the Pug found
A prized family pet stolen from a supermarket car park in Trafford has been returned, to the delight of his owners. Phil Ludlam, from Winton was distraught when Frank, an 18-month old black pug, went missing as he shopped in Asda in Trafford Park.
At around 3.30pm on Friday 21 February Phil returned to his Mercedes van after half and hour away to find his beloved Frank missing, presumed stolen.
Pedigree puppies of the same breed can be sold for hundreds of pounds.
He was especially worried as the young pup needs regular medication
There started a huge social media campaign to get Frank back home. A Facebook page called Help Find Frank the Pug has almost 2,000 likes and the story quickly went viral.
Family and friends shared the story, scouring local selling websites, while Coronation Street stars including Beverley Callard tweeted to thousands of followers.
The family were even invited national dog show Crufts, handing out leaflets and meeting top TV stars.
Today can report that Frank has been returned safe and well.
After two weeks of investigation, Phil traced his missing dog to a woman in Accrington. With his van liveried up and plastered in 'Help Find Frank' posters, he was able to get her to admit that she had bought Frank for a minimal sum, thought to be in the region of £300.
"I scanned him, and showed her Frank's doggie passport, and she was distraught because she'd fallen in love with him."
Now the pup is back home safe, "he won't leave me alone, he's sitting here in the sun with his eyes shut like he's never been away," says Phil.
"The last 16 days have felt like 16 months," he said. 
"I didn't know if he was hurt or lost or anything.
"Now I just want my experience to help others - people need to be aware that there are people deliberately targeting these dogs."
Next week, 14-21 March is Pet Theft Awareness Week, and Phil wants insurance companies and vets to make it a priority to make owners aware.
"I want these people found and charged, because thieves will not stop thieving.
"It's no fault of owners, but we need the awareness out there that this is going on."

*** *** *** *** ***   So happy, happy, happy.
Thank you to all of you who joined in with the Facebook and Twitter campaigns to help get Frank back to his Dad.  The power of the social networking sites can sometimes work miracles.
(Original story HERE )   Sue xx      

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