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FRANCIS FRIDAY: Introductions

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
FRANCIS FRIDAY: Introductions FRANCIS FRIDAY: Introductions
MEET FRANCIS. Francis is the newest addition to our household. Actually he's presently a kitten, but you know how fast they grow up! Not that long ago, I took the plunge and committed to a kitten. One of my neighbors recently rescued what she believed was a young  black male stray, who she thought may have worms because of the little thing's swollen belly. Turns out the rescue was young female feline, and pregnant, due anytime. She soon gave birth to 5 lively kittens, all of them black and precious as midnight. 
Now, I am, without a doubt, what you would call a "cat person." I just love 'em. And I've had a soft spot for black kitties, my whole life, starting when I was five and I got to pick a kitten from a litter of our family tabby. He was the sole black cat of the bunch, and I promptly name him Frito Bandito. Hey, I was five.
FRANCIS FRIDAY: Introductions FRANCIS FRIDAY: Introductions
I've had a number of black cats as pets since, adored most, and loved one best (Love ya forever, Malcolm the Falcon!) And, this new one, is such a character, he's already topped my list of all time faves. 
I picked him out from the neighbor's litter, as I liked his show of spunk. He was the smallest of the bunch, but had such a dominant, outgoing personality. His curiosity overpowers his fears, and he always eagerly checks out a new situation, even if he's apprehensive. He won me over when he jump into my arms and pushed his small head into my neck and nuzzled. THIS IS THE ONE, I told my neighbor.  
When he first looked into my eyes, all wobbly and kittenish, my heart melted. I also knew in that moment, his name was Francis. And what a quick learner!  Comes when called by his name by day two. Is presently learning to jump for treats, and explore the world via cat harness and cat leash. We're having a lot of fun together. 

Even the boyfriend, a self proclaimed "dog person," has succumbed to the charms of Francis. They are often spotted snuggling and playing together, and have been seen on more than one occasion to watch sports on the TV side by side. It's pretty cute to watch. 

We adopted him on his 13 week birthday. Francis is now closing in on 5 months, and looking at these pictures of him, it's incredible to see how fast he already is growing up. Francis the kitten is presently turning into Francis the teenager.

Someone suggested I post FRANCIS FRIDAY pictures- and I think that's a brilliant idea. It will be cool watch him grow. And there's no shortage of Francis snaps in my camera, that's for sure. So look for it- on Fridays, we'll share our favorite pics.

FRANCIS FRIDAY: Introductions

So, allow me the honor of introducing Francis, black kitten extraordinaire. 

Everybody, this is Francis.
Francis, this is everybody.

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