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Francesco Schettino: Costa Concordia's Daredevil Captain

Posted on the 20 January 2012 by Gerard @presurfer

Francesco Schettino, The Costa Concordia's Daredevil Captainimage credit
As the Costa Concordia sinks deeper into the Mediterranean, the controversy swirling around Captain Francesco Schettino is heating up. It wasn't Schettino's navigational skills that got him into the trouble he's in today but his deplorable actions after the Concordia hit an outcropping of rocks.
Infrared video of the evacuation captured by the Italian Coast Guard shows hundreds of people trying to get off the ship as it was completely on its side, helped by the heroic rescue workers who had little more than moonlight to guide them. By then Schettino was already on dry land, having a heated argument with coastguard chief Gregorio De Falco, who was ordering him to return to his ship. Schettino can be heard explaining that he could not get back on the ship because it had capsized. De Falco then screamed, 'Get back on board, prick!' The term in Italian, 'Vada a bordo, cazzo!' has gone viral, with T-shirts an instant hit.
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