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Frame My Future Contest

By Jardley @jardster

camera Frame My Future Contest
Today I found out that my art piece was approved and accepted by the Frame My Future Scholarship Contest!

Reason why this is even bigger news for me is because of the experience behind it. Monday night I was working super fast to try to finish the piece and get it in by its deadline, 11:59PM. It took three tries because the page kept stating that I was forgetting to fill something out! Those three tries felt like a huge stretch in my mind where I was sure the time somehow jumpstarted further and further from 11:59. When I looked it was already 12:00! You might think it’s only one minute but sometimes I take things at face-value and can be very anal so I was sure the system would go “we’re sorry etc” basically getting denied. I was sweating bullets. I felt such a relief when I got confirmation it was submitted. BUT, after that little high, I analyzed the rules again to make sure I sent it in the way it was requested and saw some text I hadn’t noticed before. It said that you’d have to submit it within the specific timeframe so even if you got confirmation that it was sent, it didn’t mean it’d get approved. Those who did, would get a confirmation email in days to come. (I remember me reading five days but judging on getting the email today, guess not) Anyway back to the moment: That’s when I felt panic inside. Second-guessing being accepted came quickly. I started creating visual future scenarios in my head where the judges debate whether to let me in, with dialog being “well, she sent it at 12:00, that’s not the timeframe!” to “It’s only a minute after. That’s not so bad” to “This is one of the better ones we’ve seen, who cares that it’s not before 11:59, let’s approve her!” While this worrying lasted for a total of the next day and I quickly sought out finished and continuing other projects, I was still pleasantly surprised when I got the email today. I’d rather not continue to put myself in the position where I’m racing against the clock, but this time I got lucky. I never realized how much time flew until Monday when I was grasping for it to finish this piece.

Make sure to click on either above image or the link to view it.

Happy Thursday.

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