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By Caveatcalcei @gabfran

“Is the style challenge over then?” my friend C asks while she and I and S and L are out at dinner. This question precedes a detailed discussion of that horrible Embarassing Bodies program which manages to clear two tables of previously lingering diners.

No!” I natter on excitedly “I have just started a new month of style dares. See?”  and make a point of doing the swoopy arm thing over my Biba leopard print blouse.

It’s leopard print day again.

C is less than impressed. “Can you please stop spamming us with photos of all your outfits on Facebook?

Style challenges would appear, to paraphrase My Uncle Oswald, to be like picking your nose. Entertaining for the person doing the excavating and not a lot of fun to watch.

I promised therefore to post daily photos only on Instagram and only to share there and on the blog. I may have cheated now and again but only in the case of what I classify as an EISS (Event Involving Stupendous Shoes).

Disclaimer: I have failed miserably at all the hair challenges so far.

March 1 – Grrrr {Animal Print} 


Leopard Print Blouse

Day 1 – Leopard Print Chiffon Blouse from Biba circa 1997 worn with black glass beads (gifted by my sister) and black leather vintage spy coat from eBay.

Getting the leopard print out is never a problem for me. More of a problem is not wearing it every day. It was unseasonally chilly and I was going out with the girls to Thai Rim Nam in Como near the marina (which is quite lovely inside incidentally).  All through the summer while sitting by Como Pool reminding the kids for the umpteenth time not to jump in, run along the miniscule edges etc L would say:  ”Wouldn’t it be nice just to come down here for a meal BY OURSELVES?”

And it was.

March 2 – Black and White

How easy is monochrome dressing? I remember seeing one seller on eBay who had nothing but monochrome dresses, skirts, shoes, trousers and homewares up for auction. Had she decided to chuck the lot and bring in some color I remember wondering. My big problem of course is ditching the sheer amount of funereal black in my wardrobe.


March 3  - Combat

I bloody love my camouflage jeans. Every time I wear them though my husband snorts with laughter and walks off so generally I don’t.

We had a lot of fun, the Minx and he and I taking some urban camo shots in the back door.  I have about 3 weeks to resurrect the lemon tree I am hanging onto. It belonged to our landladies’ granny and I am very much afraid that it is on its last legs.


Day 4 French

For once it seemed like a really REALLY good idea to try to Chanel (sorry for the crap pun) someoe iconic and Parisian and elegant and beautiful like  uber cool Ms Emmanuelle Alt.

In the end of course in the Autumn humidity it was far easier to knick my husband’s favorite Breton shirt and a pair of comfy wide legged fishermen jeans.


Day 5 Cuff Em

Instead of rolling the legs of my jeans under, I cuffed them today. Too lazy to ever have jeans taken up professionally and with legs that seem to be six inches shorter than the national AU fit model average this cuffing thing may work for me.


Day 6 – Twist and Pin {Fail}

Ironic hair putting up with really short hair just doesn’t work. So here is a nice picture of a pair of white stiletto heels that I have my eyes on instead.

Cue muzak till next photo.

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 8.04.25 PM

March 7  Ruffled 

Believe me when I say girly dressing is a big stretch for me.  This is as close as I can manage.


It is not too late to join in the last week or so of the challenge. Find out how here 

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