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Fourplay Anyone?

Posted on the 18 June 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

SVB from the Sookieverseblog, has come up with the Top Ten moments from Dead To The World, in anticipation for True Blood Season 4! :D

Fourplay Anyone?

Image Courtesy of the Sookieverseblog

This is a teaser pleaser from her post…

Eric’s List

“You are beautiful.”
No one had ever looked me in the eyes and said that. I found I had to lower my head. “You are smart, and you are loyal,” he said relentlessly, though I waved a hand to ask him to quit. “You have a sense of fun and adventure.”
“Cut it out,” I said.
“Make me,” he said. “You have the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen. You’re brave.” I put my fingers across his mouth, and his tongue darted out to give them a quick lick. I relaxed against him, feeling the tingle down to my toes. “You’re responsible and hardworking,” he continued. Before he could tell me that I was good about replacing the garbage can liner when I took the garbage out, I replaced my fingers with my lips.
“There,” he said softly, after a long moment. “You’re creative, too.”…

…”You took me in off the road and kept me safe. You’re ready to fight for me. I can tell this about you. I can’t believe my luck. When this witch is defeated, I would bring you to my side. I will share everything I have with you. Every vampire who owes me fealty will honor you.”

Why we love it: Not because it’s soppy and sweet. And not because it ends in a sex scene. Not for any of that.

I love this passage because Eric lists off everything that we, as readers, love about Sookie. And it only took him a couple of days to size her up with such accuracy.

In view of the events of Dead Reckoning, I have a new reason for loving this scene – Eric’s comment that Sookie is ready to fight for him seems strangely foreshadowing of a showdown with Freyda, in the same way as his vow in DTTW to bring her to his side, and Sookie’s comments about her being lethal to her boyfriend’s exes.

Sometimes mimicked, but never replicated. The original list is still the best.

One of my favorite scenes too and I love how she incorporated Dead Reckoning into it as well! :D

To read the entire Eric & Sookie goodness, click here!

Thanks SVB for the great memories!
How many have or are re-reading DTTW just to refresh your memory?

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