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By Leonied
A: You celebrated your 7th birthday during our last week in NZ. Despite all that was going on, you remained completely calm and composed and enjoyed every minute of your special day. Starting off with presents, a trip to the shops for a new bracelet to put your charms on and also to choose your own one - a Kiwi - very fitting. Then your favorite special drink - strawberries and cream fruppacino, followed by some very needed new shoes. Followed by lovely friends popping in to see you, lunch with Granny, a few goodies in the mail, phone calls from more lovely friends and ending the day with a birthday dinner celebration, family, a special cat birthday cake and a sleepover with your sisters at your Cousins' house. You deemed the day amazing and special and awesome and, and, and... You are our treasured big girl xx
L: Our last swim of the NZ summer at Grantie and Gruncle's house. You had a ball despite not wanting to really go into the water after what sounded like a promising start. You - always working a new angle. It was a special week with you (and your sisters) also stopping in at Kindy to say goodbye. Such a joy to watch you and the teachers, and take in for the last time, the amazing relationships you all had there with a wonderful group of people. So so special xx
H: You and your wee boyfriend. Gosh you two are adorable. You have enjoyed keeping track of all the goings on and all the details. Knowing the facts and the plan helps you and really makes you feel part of and in control of what goes on. Who knows where you get that from :p Still, you enjoy the process and being such a serious and mature little thing makes you a delight to watch at all stages of this journey. That last week you were happy and focussed and completely part of all the detailed arrangements. Such a joy xx

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