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Four Top Tips for Better Short Turns

By Surfcat


This months top ski tips for better short turns.

Keep your upper body facing down the fall-line.

If your upper body is held still and your legs are turned in the hip sockets, there will be a spring back to centre when the legs are released. It is for this reason that its is best to ski short turns with a quiet, poised upper body that faces down the fall-ine.

Aim to make smooth curves

Press the outside ski downwards against the snow early in the turn to use your skis design. This should be done before the fall-line.

Tilt your edges over

Once the pressure is on your skis you can tilt the skis more onto their edges for grippier short turns.

Plant the poles

A good pole plant is very help full in short turns to maintain fluid linked turns and good rythm.

By Mark Gear and Simon Halliwell from All Mountain Performance in Chamonix

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