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Four Tasty Recipes: This Week's Recipe Round-Up

By Chelseajmartin

Flipping through my collection of recipes there seemed to be a common theme: in expensive. Grocery prices are on the rise due to increased fuel costs and everyone is feeling the pinch. This week’s recipe round-up features some reasonably priced ingredients. So here it goes!

Broccoli and Beef

Broccoli and Beef from Jan’s Sushi Bar

This makes a great lunch the next day. I always serve broccoli and beef with a big bowl of rice and a side of sriracha hot sauce. Spicy and delicious.

Tomato Rice

Tomato Rice from WordFlux

Simple and flavorful. Serve with a broiled or baked piece of fish and you’ll have a complete meal.

Ramp Pesto

Wild Ramp and Parsley Pesto from Garden of Eating

I’m so excited for ramp season. I love digging them up, cleaning, and cooking with the delicious alliums. This pesto is a great way to turn them into a very tasty meal.

Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes

Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes from Look Who’s Cooking Too

Stuffed tomatoes are great! This recipe is no exception. I recommend using a whole wheat couscous and mixing in some fried garlic. Nom nom!

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