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Four Signs That It’s Time to Outsource Your Marketing

By Wilcowings @WilcoWings

Many business owners put their shoulders under the obstacles they encounter when they run their business. But sometimes there are some obstacles that they can not solve without help, or they realize that they prefer letting someone else do it, so that they have more time for the things that they love doing. Run there business!

To run a successful business it is also important to know when you reach a point where you can better choose to outsource certain tasks.

But when is the right time?

If you can identify yourself with the following points, it might be wiser to seek help so you still will manage to achieve your goals:

1. You can not remember when you updated your website for the last time.
Today there are many tools to create a website or blog, but just as important among other things are: maintenance, updates, mobile friendly, Search Engine Optimization.

A website is more than just a page with your logo, a little text and some graphics. Even the most friendliest tools to create your own website, can cause you headaches!

So that potential customers will find your website, you will need to optimize your site for search engines (SEO = Search Engine Optimization). So, if you have trouble with this, and it will cost you much time (= money) and your actual tasks suffer, it is wise to leave all this to the experts. It is intended that your website will bring you money and not that it only costs you!

2. It’s not easy to be constantly up-to-date on the current state of the changes of search engine optimization. This itself is almost a day’s work.
Fortunately, there are experts in this field and they put their time in staying up to date. Because the “rules” of the search engine optimization constantly changing, this makes it a valid point to outsource and can bring you a lot of benefits. Think about increasing your number of visitors and converting visitors into customers.

3. You get no results from your search engine ads (SEA = Search Engine Advertising)
If properly used, search engine advertising is one of the easiest and most cost effective way to score new customers. Managing this can be time consuming and does not always give the desired result. It is easy, but it is not enough to register, place an ad and then wait until there are results.

It needs a good, appropriate text and a good relevant landingpage. One must approach the right target audience so that there is the best chance to convert a visitor in a customer. Such a campaign will have to be optimize every day, because you not only want the click on an ad, but you also want to interact. You want phone calls, emails, reactions on social media. All this to convert your visitors into customers.

4. Your fans on various social media platforms are not necessarily your target audience.
Maybe you have a nice facebook, google+ and / or twitter page. You are happy with the number of followers / likers that you have built. But have you ever looked at issues such as where do they come from? If you have a store, do these followers / likers live in the neighbourhood? And how often do you place an update on these pages to keep your followers interested and active? How do you deal with paid advertising opportunities that they offer you?

Social media is more than just create an account and occasionally post a message. It can be a very powerful tool to create word-of-mouth and to send many visitors to your website.

Want to know the current status of your website? Ask for a free, no-obligation analysis!

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