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FOTM’s Will Has Written a Sci-fi Novel — and You Can Read It *free* !!!

Posted on the 12 September 2013 by Eowyn @DrEowyn

WillWill, who sometimes comments on FOTM as “heavychevy”, is that rare specimen — a conservative black patriot.

Will is also a loyal member of our FOTM virtual community since day one.

After years of stealing time in between his regular IT work, Will has completed his science fiction novel! It’s called:

Project Genesis

Project Genesis

Here’s Will’s teaser:

Project Genesis was the next leap in genetic engineered warfare.

Since the closing of Earth’s “Prophet war” of 2050, to the now current war between the Galactic Alliance (Earth and her allies) and the malevolent Kilnari Empire, the Alliance’s desire to successfully enhance beings for war came to fruition with the development of “Project Genesis.”

Out of Project Genesis, a special ops team named “Fire Recon” was created to test the viability of meta-beings in combat. This Spec-Ops team was deployed to the far-off frontier sector of the Omega quadrant to test Fire Recon’s performance under low combat conditions, and to determine if Project Genesis lived up to the Galactic Alliance’s time, effort and resources to go mainstream.

But Fire Recon discovered, a year after their arrival in the Omega quadrant, that more than just a trial of Project Genesis’s viability was at stake. The team’s own survival is at stake as Fire Recon stumbles upon a dark secret thousands of years in the making. A secret that will not only test their ability to survive as a team, but will also take the Omega quadrant from total obscurity in the Alliance/Kilnari war to the forefront of the galaxy.

Allegiance will be questioned. Faith will be tested. And the survival of every living being in the galaxy is in jeopardy.

I read the first chapter of Project Genesis 3 years ago and found it to be astonishingly imaginative and creative. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up! (I look forward to reading the rest of Will’s novel when I can find the time. Groan . . . .)

Will is offering Project Genesis to us to read, for free!

Click here!


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