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FOTM Reader Steven Broiles Needs Your Help

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Steven Broiles, a NYC cab-driver and former school teacher, is a longtime reader and regular commentator on Fellowship of the Minds.

Steven is experiencing some financial troubles and is behind in paying the rent on his room in a boarding house. He had tried but failed at obtaining an emergency loan from the government’s welfare agency. Upon my suggestion, he just set up a Steve’s Emergency Rent Fund appeal on GoFundMe.

Here’s his statement:

Steven BroilesMy name is Steve Broiles and I rent two rooms in a boarding house in Long Island City, New York. I drive a cab for a living.

In December of last year, I experienced a crisis with my employment situation. Business crashed for a good two months and I panicked. The back rent for my two rooms added up. I went to a limousine company that promised me the moon and didn’t deliver.

I owe five and a half months on my storage room, which I am going to give up. I also owe two months on the room I live in.

I am not a lazy bum. I work hard, driving the streets of Manhattan for ten or more hours a day, six days a week. My landlady has been very patient, but she has her problems and bills to pay too. At the age of 60 I am very grateful to God for my good health, but I am slowing down.

If you could donate a few dollars, and ask your Go Fund Me-friendly friends and associates to do the same, I would really be grateful. I will post my gratitude and reports on my Facebook page, and I will donate any funds I receive over and above my goal to a non-religious and non-political charity. I am single, never married, and on my own: my brothers are not in a position to assist me, as they are both retired and one is on disability.

Thank You so much and God Bless You.

As Conservatives, we believe in private charity. As Christians, we believe and practice our Lord Jesus Christ’s injunction to “love your neighbor”. If everyone of FOTM‘s more than 6,000 subscribers donate $5, we’ll quickly reach a total needed for Steve to pay his rent due.

To donate to Steve’s Emergency Rent Fund, click here.

Thank you and God bless you for your kindness!


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