Samsung pays Apple $1 billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cents coins

Created on 29 August 2012 by Jesusmsanchezl

Samsung vs AppleThis morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. Initially,  the security company that protects the facility said the trucks were in the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO explaining that  they will pay $1 billion dollars for the fine recently ruled against the South Korean company in this way.

the funny part is that the signed document does not specify a single payment method, so Samsung is entitled to send the creators of the iPhone their billion dollars in the way they deem best.

Lee Kun-Hee

This dirty but genius geek troll play is a new headache to Apple executives as they will need to put in long hours counting all that money, to check if it is all there and to try to deposit it crossing fingers to hope a bank will accept all the coins.

Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of Samsung Electronics, told the media that his company is not going to be intimidated by a group of “geeks with style” and that if they want to play dirty, they also know how to do it.

You can use your coins to buy refreshments at the little machine for life or melt the coins to make computers, that’s not my problem, I already paid them and fulfilled the law.

A total of 20 billion coins, delivery hope to finish this week.

Let’s see how Apple will respond to this.

You didn’t think this could be real right? but hey! you loved it :D

By Brian
posted on 31 August at 18:33
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Samsung is going to appeal, no one pays and appeals, must be a computer geek that thought this up.

By Merlin
posted on 31 August at 12:08
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In that case Apple should release a new iPad with a copper cover.

By iSheep
posted on 31 August at 11:09
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Count the cents - There is an app for that.


By iSheeps
posted on 31 August at 11:08
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iSheeps certainly did not liked this and started their troll immediately.

We all know that this is a hoax, but please don't tell these iSheeps!!!

By greycrow
posted on 31 August at 09:17
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Hopefully Samsung will really do it this way...

By Ladahill
posted on 31 August at 08:46
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no need for further comments, obviously Samsung did sent an important message to apple, you may enjoy the 1billion but you will be left behind farther.......busy counting the coins hehehe

By Jane
posted on 31 August at 04:12
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Apple can/may refuse that billion of coins if in their law have the rules and limitations as to the tender of payment. Even if there's no specific agreement as to how the payment should be done.

By Joe Peanut
posted on 31 August at 02:27
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There aren’t enough nickles in circulation on the planet. We are talking 20 billion nickles, or 100,000 metric tons (a nickle weighs 5 grams). Given that the average full-size semi truck can carry about 30 tons, it would take over 3,333 fully loaded semi trucks worth of coins.

By Luurrcch
posted on 30 August at 23:58
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If I was apple I would also check the authenticity of the coins, given south korea's reputation I wouldn't put it past them to try and pass off faux coins.

By Carl
posted on 30 August at 23:42
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Well, Samsung obviously can't pay Apple in RECTANGULAR currency, or else Apple will sue them again.

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