Self Expression Magazine

Forty Days

By Atulsharmasharma

In 862, Saint Swithin died. His wishes were to be buried outside the cathedral in the churchyard where the rain from eaves poured down. After his canonization the authorities decided to move his remains inside the church. And the legend says that on the decided day for movement, the furious heavens poured so heavily that for forty days at a stretch they didn’t stop. And it was seen as a sign of displeasure from the Saint. Scared the authorities decided not to move the Saint. And from that day on it is believed that if it rains on Saint Swithin’s day it will be incessant for forty days and if it didn’t rain it will be dry for the next forty days.
Non-Believers call it a fluke. And the believers say that Miracles happen only to those who believe in miracles.

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