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Fortify Your Student with Essential Computing Equipment for Less

Posted on the 29 August 2013 by Techdrink @techdrink1

Computers for College

Nearly 90 percent of all students use email to communicate with professors. Roughly 75 percent depend on technology to complete assignments. About 70 percent use laptops for note-taking. College students and technology go hand in hand. Yet, school technology environments also create insecurities of random closures, overcrowding and malfunctions. Here is a guide for personal computing sustainability and security.


The Acer Chromebook laptop is a top low-cost model that costs less than $300. The Acer Chromebook seamlessly fits into a college student’s lifestyle because of its:

  • 11.6-inch computer screen
  • 320 gig hard drive
  • LED display
  • Wireless and Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Intel® Celeron® 847 1.1GHz 2MB L3 cache processor

It gets the job — researching, note-taking and paper writing — done. Plus, it’s feather weight. Bringing it along wherever you go, from library study sessions to the coffee shop, will be effortless.

A great mid-range price desktop replacement is the Lenovo Z400 touch. At $670, you’ll have access to a full suite of adobe design and illustration tools. This computer will meet the needs of art and advertising students as well as anyone who uses software, presentations or other CAD and design applications. Experience its touch screen and featured capabilities, including the Intel Core i5-323oM (2.6 GHz) processor, Intel HD Graphics 4000 card and long-lasting 4:51 battery.

For those with deep pockets and a penchant for ultra-high resolution, the Apple MacBook Pro 13 belongs to you. It sports a 13 inch retina display and more than HD resolution. Visual artists seeking optimal performance will have to install retina optimized apps. The light weight, high-end, ultra-portable laptop will cost you $1,879.

  1. Insurance – Spilling coffee on a $1,000 laptop, sucks. Many computer warranties, such as Mac Pro, don’t cover liquid damage, but an inexpensive insurance policy can save the day. Protect your electronic with supplemental insurance by Square Trade. It is easily obtainable for a fixed price as long as you purchase it within 30 days of buying your computer.
  2. Wireless Connectivity – Many PCs are available off the shelf complete with wireless cards. Connect to essential networks at school, home or on-the-go with wireless Internet cards. Be cautious while connecting to public networks. Avoid accessing personal and financial information unless it’s encrypted. Microsoft recommends turning off your wireless network when it’s not in use.
  3. Cloud Storage – Your data can be accessed from just about anywhere using the cloud storage service Dropbox. If your data is deleted accidentally or intentionally, it can be recovered almost immediately. Use cloud storage and feel secure knowing that documents and photos are safe from almost any hazard.
  4. Printer – You’ll be thankful that you splurged on a printer when you need to print a last minute term paper. Epson is a reliable printer starting at $80 for printing, scanning and copying.

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