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Format Number with Decimals Without Rounding

Posted on the 31 October 2012 by Akahgy


Trying to get a precise number of decimal in a number results most of the times in a rounding of the number. Both round() and number_format() functions of PhP round the output result.


The solution to this issue is to multiply the number by the power of 10 that is the number of decimals. 10 for 1 digit, 100 for 2 digits and so on.

$originalNumber = 150.8699; //we want to obtain 150.86
$multipliedNumber = originalNumber * 100; //output is 15086.99

Then, we apply the floor() function, to get rid of the additional trailing decimals:

$integerMultipliedNumber = floor($multipliedNumber); //output is 15086

Finally, divide the number back to the decimal power of 10 (100 in our case) and parse it as a float:

$twoDecimalResult = (float) ($integerMultipliedNumber / 100); //output is 150.86

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