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Forgotten Frights, Oct. 29: Campfire Tales

Posted on the 29 October 2011 by Cinefilles @cinefilles
Forgotten Frights, Oct. 29: Campfire TalesPhoto: movieposterdb.com
Section of the cinematic cemetery: Slasher meets pedo-drama meets ghost story. Yeah, thats right.
Cause of (premature) death: If you havent seen this film, its next to impossible to track down any info about it. It doesnt even have a Rotten Tomatoes rating. Seriously.
What its tombstone would read: Urban legends came true.
Why it should be revived: It stars Amy Smart, James Marsden, Christine Taylor, Christopher Masterson and Ron Livingston, just as they were all beginning to make a name for themselves, and as far as horror acting goes, they were all pretty good. The idea of the story is brilliant and the execution is even better: four car-wrecked friends telling each other urban legends around a campfire. The pace is perfect and the suspense pays off big-time. Writing, directing and sound are well-done and make-up is more than believable. If you havent seen this yet, that’s a horror story in itself.

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