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Forgotten FPEA Gem - Micro Business for Teens

By Upatdawn @lisakeva
One of our homeschooling goals is to build entrepreneurial skills into our children.  In this day and age, in addition to an education, we want them to have as many skills and options as possible! We've been encouraging them to think outside the box and brain storm on what kind of a business they could start and run.
It was easy to see these areas in child #2 and #3, but, for my oldest he just didn't seem to have a talent that knocked you in the face and said "here's what I like, here's my passion and here's how I'm can make money at it".
When it was time for our local Homeschool Convention, I decided to take my oldest with me on the first day.  We both were blessed beyond belief at the seminars we attended and gained so much insight into the high school and college years.
As an answer to prayer, we happened into the seminar  "Starting a Micro Business for Teens" by Carol Topp.  (Let me tell you,  I don't know how this happened, but, this SHOULD have been on  my original list of FPEA Gems!)
Carol did an excellent job of guiding you through the process step by step of starting a micro business from brain storming to the possible handling of employees.  Both my son and I had several light bulb moments as we realized his gifting in math could realistically be turned into a business to help fund a 'larger' computer micro business down the road!  Wow!
We went ahead and bought the Starting a Micro Business and Managing a Micro Business books as we knew as soon as we got home, child #2 would also be eager to start.
We are in process of ironing out more of the details, but, Carol helped us tremendously with direction!

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