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By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The girls have been taking golf lessons for a couple of summers now.  Many of my girlfriends told me they wished they played golf because so many business activities revolve around golf.  I wanted them to play because it's one of the few sports you can play for life.  (Really, how many high school volleyball players are still playing at 45?)  They were interested because Daddy plays and one of their cousins attends college on a golf scholarship.
Last year the instructor said, "You know, the brunette twin has a really good swing.  If she keeps practicing, she could be pretty good."  I said, "Really?  That's good to know."  What I was thinking was, "Of course she has a good swing.  There are seven kids in your class and I'm paying for two of them."  Okay, I know that sounds a little cynical, but I know nothing about golf.
This year we moved to a new golf course for lessons.  This one is closer and the lessons are a at more convenient time.  The first day, the golf instructor watched the brunette twin and said, "I could put that girl on the cover of Golf Digest with that beautiful swing."  I said, "Really?  That's great."  What I was thinking was, "Ooops previous golf instructor.  I'm sorry I didn't believe you."
Since then the brunette twin has basked in the attention her golf swing brings.  A couple of weeks ago she was at the driving range when a golf tournament was about to start.  She hit some beautiful balls.  They flew off the tee, arched and fell far away from her.  Several of the men commented loudly enough for us to hear.  One man said, "You think she'll hit the ball off the tee for me?"
She came over to me and whispered, "I'm going to hit some really far and impress the grown-ups."  Then she went back to the tee and whacked a few.  I have to admit they were pretty good shots.
The blond twin does not like all the attention her sister is getting.  It's harder for her to hit the ball -- mostly because she's not really paying attention.  We spend a lot of time explaining to the blond twin that she needs to focus on what she's doing.  Golf is no exception.  She hits some really nice shots here and there.  Her putting is better than her shots from the tee. 
While piano is the blond twins thing, the brunette twin seems to have some natural golf ability.  Still, just as I told the brunette twin she cannot quit because her sister finds piano easier, we've had to talk to the blond twin about continuing golf lessons.  She decided that she likes golf and will continue to play because some day she wants to golf with Daddy.
Ah, yes.  The Daddy factor came into play her for both them and me.  You see, my ulterior motive is that some day all three of them will golf the afternoon away together, leaving me in a quiet house.
It might be a dream, but it's my dream and I'm sticking with it.  Just like I'm hoping the brunette twin likes golf enough to stick with it until she gets a golf scholarship for college.  It worked for her cousin, why can't it work for her?  After all, a Mom can dream, can't she?

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