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Forbes Rates Most Valuable Sports Teams

Posted on the 18 July 2013 by Jobsanger
Forbes Rates Most Valuable Sports Teams (The image above is from ehow.com.)
Soccer is still a minor sport in the United States as far a money goes (although it is growing fast), but it still reigns supreme worldwide. That is reflected in Forbes newest rating of the most valuable sports franchises. The three most valuable franchises are all from the world of professional soccer -- Real Madrid ($3.3 billion), Manchester United ($3.165 billion), and Barcelona ($2.6 billion).
It is not until we reach the forth most valuable sports franchise that we get to an American franchise (and a non-soccer one). The fourth and fifth most valuable sports franchises are the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys. Here are the top 30 most valuable sports franchises in the United States -- with the number in parentheses being their worldwide rating:
1.(4)-New York Yankees (Major League Baseball).....$2.3 billion
2.(5)-Dallas Cowboys (NFL Football).....$2.1 billion
3.(6)-New England Patriots (NFL Football).....$1.635 billion
4.(7)-Los Angeles Dodgers (Major League Baseball).....$1.615 billion
5.(8)-Washington Redskins (NFL Football).....$1.6 billion
6.(9)-New York Giants (NFL Football).....$1.468 billion
7.(11)-Boston Red Sox (Major League Baseball).....$1.312 billion
8.(13)-Houston Texans (NFL Football).....$1.305 billion
9.(14)-New York Jets (NFL Football).....$1.284 billion
10.(15)-Philadelphia Eagles (NFL Football).....$1.26 billion
11.(16)-Chaicago Bears (NFL Football).....$1.19 billion
12.(17)-San Francisco Forty-Niners (NFL Football).....$1.175 billion
13.(18)-Green Bay Packers (NFL Football).....$1.161 billion
14.(19)-Baltimore Ravens (NFL Football).....$1.157 billion
15.(20)-Indianapolis Colts (NFL Football).....$1.154 billion
16.(22)-Denver Broncos (NFL Football).....$1.132 billion
17.(23)-New York Knicks (NBA Basketball).....$1.1 billion
17.(23)-Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL Football).....$1.1 billion
19.(25)-Miami Dolphins (NFL Football).....$1.06 billion
20.(26)-Carolina Panthers (NFL Football).....$1.048 billion
21.(27)-Seattle Seahawks (NFL Football).....$1.04 billion
22.(28)-Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL Football).....$1.033 billion
23.(29)-Tennessee Titans (NFL Football).....$1.011 billion
24.(30)-Kansas City Chiefs (NFL Football).....$1.008 billion
25.(31)-Chicago Cubs (Major League Baseball).....$1 billion
25.(31)-Los Angeles Lakers (NBA Basketball).....$1 billion
27.(34)-Cleveland Browns (NFL Football).....$987 million
28.(35)-Minnesota Vikings (NFL Football).....$975 million
29.(36)-New Orleans Saints (NFL Football).....$971 million
30.(38)-San Diego Chargers (NFL Football).....$936 million

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