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For You My Love...

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge
Unknown to me the reason Why it's that we met? Intentional it was I feel I realize love has no season
The first time I saw you Lost in the pages of a book Fighting with all the storms inside Your soft hair in the wind they blew
The present day is a reflection The time which I need to hold on It all just happened, it was so expedite I guess its a result of your affection
The time came when we went on our first date In a fix I was, everything seemed alien Adrenaline rising inside, only you controlled  The moment I surmised you as my soulmate
To you I surrender my fate, I am paralysed The cupid has pierced the right target Without you I am a body without a soul With you around it is no less than a paradise
Deep desire to be with you forever Dreams you conquer, I am left wondering Is this called love? I agree I am infected To love you is my only endeavor 
Today is the day of love. We all are preoccupied with our own issues. On this day, take out some time for your loved ones. Spread love and affection. The magic will truly transform the world around you all. Wish you all a very Happy Valentine's day!

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