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For Pleasure Or Not? {Discuss #2}

By Littlebookstar @LittleBookStar

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Thank you so much for those who participated in my discussion last week. I’ll think of more interesting topics to cover and topics that aren’t covered yet. All opinions are appreciated <3


You’re wondering, “how the heck can a book be like Starbucks?” Well. You love Starbucks, right? Let’s just say you love it, OR think of a drink or food that you really love. Imagine you eating/drinking that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. till 2014. You’ll get tired of it right? Everyday, your demand for Starbucks will lessen and eventually you’ll stop buying a Starbucks drink. Is it the same for books? Everyday you read, read, read, and read… and one day you just fall into a reading slump (you stop buying Starbucks drinks). I mean, don’t you feel like blogging and reading are jobs sometimes? Was there a time where you feel like you’re dragging yourself to write a review?

Was there a time when you were like…THIS?

For Pleasure or Not? {Discuss #2}

Honestly, I felt like forcing myself to read before. There were times where I was reading not for pleasure. During those times, I thought to myself that I “missed those days” where I picked up a book because I WANTED to read it; I was in the MOOD to read it. Now that bloggers have access to ARCs, I feel like bloggers are NOT reading for pleasure because there is a time limit on ARCs. For example, you have 2 months to read the book if you received it from NetGalley and of course you would want to post your review BEFORE the book comes out on sale. There is a TIME CRUNCH. Let’s say you bought Harry Potter and you’ve been DYING to read it! BUT WAIT! You have an ARC and it comes out or expires NEXT WEEK :O …..

To sum it up, this post is about whether you’re still reading for pleasure or not. Are the books that you’re reading becoming “just another book” for you, or are they very special like you’ve never read a book before? Do you HAVE to read it or do you WANT to read it? HAVE meaning you have to and you’re forcing yourself to read it & WANT because you’re really in the mood to read it and excited because it’s going to be an awesome read. I think “HAVING” to read a book vs. “WANTING” to read a book has an impact on your review.

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