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For Pete's Sake Would Someone Slow Down the Rest of This ...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
For Pete's sake would someone slow down the rest of this year. It's speeding by at a rate that makes it impossible to accomplish everything I intended too.
I got the call yesterday. Not the call.........but a call. I have my first meeting Thursday at Bowling Green. The first step in getting a precious little one who needs love. Fingers crossed that this is a speedy process so I can get "the call".
The kids have made their Santa list. Peyton wants a t.v and Playstation 3. Easy enough. Eli never makes a list. Having to think and make a list of things he's like to have have never been his strong suit. That is just to hard of a decision. Santa always has to wing it with him.......and 98% of the time it's a huge FAIL! But, this year Santa thinks he has what this little hoarder will love forever. A metal detector!! Silly to you for a 9 year old child but I am almost sure this will make his wheels turn at super speeds and also require me to fill lots of holes in my yard. Wonder if it comes with a load of top soil?
Zackary has listed many, many, many things. Hulk Fist, computer, iPod, Transformers, ect. He is easy peasy to buy for. Santa has never had any problems pleasing this kiddo.
Evyn. He has never really understood Christmas in the past, but this year will be FUN!! We always take turns at Christmas. Each child opens one gift at a time while the others watch and I can take pictures and not miss one moment. Normally Evyn sits back and watches everyone open their gifts, wait till they are not looking, then slip it somewhere where we can't find it for 3 months. This year, I think he will be looking forward to his turn to open a gift. He will be 3 in January. I think he will be able to figure out the whole idea of ripping off paper this year without help. Which brings me to a question. Does Santa wrap gifts at your house? He always does here. I can recall one year as a child that Santa did not wrap gifts. It was traumatic for me. I mean, that was half the fun. I think I would prefer that now, as a adult. I hate unwrapping gifts. I hate receiving gifts. I hate surprises. When did I become so boring? I think it steams back to not wanting eyes on me, or maybe it's because I hate the mess that paper makes. That's the best part of letting the kids open one gift at a time......I can stuff wrapping paper in the garbage before it starts to make me break out in a OCD sweat.
I read Fb post everyday about how people are spazzing about getting Christmas shopping done. I don't have to worry about that. Years ago our family made set rules. No one is to receive gifts except the kids in the family. And it works for us. We get together eat, laugh and be merry. No worries about gifts and money and pleasing people. No worries about things not fitting or being broken. It makes Christmas so much more relaxing and fun.
What are your Christmas Traditions? Do you exchange gifts? Draw names? Or do like us and only buy for the kiddos?

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