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For Once…Sensible Dieting Advice

By Urbanbushwoman @urbanbushwoman9

10411958_778639398833684_5677556374087413872_nJuicing. Meal replacement shakes. Low carb meals. No carb meals. Paleo diet. Jenny Craig. Nutri System.  Eat Special K for two meals a day. Eat Subway sandwiches only. Master cleansing. Starvation. OH MY GOODNESS!!! STOP IT!!!

I detest diet fads. I refuse to cut out an entire food group or drink my meals or deny myself the simple pleasures in life for a temporary weight loss. It just doesn’t make sense to me and it never will.

I saw this on Maria Kang’s Facebook page (yeah that skinny chick that said “what’s your excuse?” on a poster with her three kids. I didn’t like that picture but the rest of her advice is pretty on point). It is the most sensible dieting advice I’ve read in awhile. Of course it’s not a one size fits all solution and I don’t think such a thing exists. But it’s a great, healthy start. Read on. Share on.

This is what I think when people say “You gotta try my DIET. I lost 10lbs in two weeks!!” Here are my thoughts:

1. Most of your initial weight loss is water or internal waste
2. Dieting is a progression (like exercise). Drop your calories slowly, don’t got from 3k to just 1200!
3. Experiment what food plan works for you. We all have different cultural food preferences and intolerances.
4. It took you time to gain weight and it will take time to lose weight.
5. One bad meal won’t make you fat and one good meal won’t make you skinny.
6. If you deprive yourself, you will fight the urge to binge.
7. You do gain additional weight from bad diets. Your after-after body comes from disordered eating, a damaged metabolism and your body no longer trusting you.

So….write down your intake, start cutting your portion size, slowly eliminate heavily processed foods, be more aware of added sugar, salts and fats and drink water!!!!

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