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Food Trending {Meal Pops}

By Thedreamery

Pie PopsIt seems like everyday has become some reason to celebrate food. I was approached by Shaye from Simply Shaye about “Something on a Stick” day, which happens to be today, and of course I had to feature her, as I’m a lover of hands-free treats, especially these pie pops. Read below for some of Shaye’s creative takes on the classic stick foods.

An internationally celebrated form of cuisine, food on a stick is considered one of the four basic groups of food, appealing to all who believe in the mantra “Everything is better on a stick” {or as Melanie B. mentioned yesterday on Live with Kelly & Michael, a lollipop}. When someone mentions “food on a stick” our first thoughts are probably of corndogs at summer’s local state fairs. While corndogs and other similar items are the most popular amongst stick foods, recently they have evolved to include an array of items from breakfast to even desserts.

Easter Cake Pops
Head to your local bakery and you’re sure to spot a wide array of the ever popular cake pops, much like these delicious looking morsels. These little balls of cake are decorated with frosting and sprinkles just like a normal cake would be, but their unique presentation makes them a quick and easy treat, perfect for any special occasion. Aren’t these baby chicks and bunnies the cutest, perfect to send friends and family for Easter.

The best part of meals on a stick are that they make eating more fun, especially for young eaters with picky palettes. Here are a few of my favorite kid-friendly stick food options:

Breakfast pops
Breakfast pops make breakfast fun for kids with this take on a healthy parfait. Take a clean push pop container, add in yogurt, granola, fruit, and a little muffin, for a whimsical way to get the nutrients kids need to power them through their morning. For kids who are resistant to eating breakfast in the morning, serving small items on a stick can be just the trick to getting them to enjoy some early morning nutrients without a fuss, especially when their pre-school routine is typically rushed.

Donut and Fruit kebobs
Donut Hole Fruit Kabobs make a casual breakfast a little more elegant, by combining glazed donut holes, strawberries, bananas, chunks of pineapple, and other fresh fruit on a stick. They will delight in pulling the various elements off and popping them in their mouths, and you’ll love the fact that they’re actually enjoying fruit for breakfast. As an added bonus, this is a mess free way to get them to eat in the morning.

Stick foods make excellent options at parties, giving guests more time to mingle and enjoy themselves without worrying about the hassle of carrying around plates or the formality of sitting down. Here are a few of my favorite party friendly stick food options:

Mini Burgers on a stick
Make your next summer outdoor party even more fun, by serving burgers on a stick. Take all of the traditional elements of a hamburger {bun, patty, lettuce, cheese, etc.} and add them onto a skewer. This is great for an easy-going gathering with friends and family, when you just want to enjoy yourselves and not worry about mess hands. A new trend is serving these at wedding to guests as a mid-celebration treat.

Caprese Salad on a stick
Liven up the fresh summer appetizer of Caprese Salad by removing hassle of plates and silverware. Each individual piece of the salad will stay well on a skewer, plus it takes the mess out of the dish. Another great way to serve this popular side dish at your next party.

Sushi Pops
Sushi enthusiasts may not think to put their favorite meal on a stick, but the rolls actually hold up well in this form. Though non-traditional, sushi on a stick is a cheerful and fun way to enjoy this light fare.

Food on a stick has evolved from basic carnival treats to elegant and whimsical delights. They’re no longer just for kids, but meals those of all ages and enjoy eating. Try getting creative with appetizers, side dishes, desserts, and even entrees…the possibilities are endless!

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