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Food is Like My Cocaine

By Chelseajmartin

Yeah, I said it. Food is like cocaine for me. I don’t actually have any experience with the drug, but I hear the first time you try it is the best it will ever be. From then on it’s simply trying to reach that same feeling again. That’s where I am with food.

Recently, most food has become unappealing. I eat because I’m hungry, but it is increasingly a challenge to find food that tastes great and I really enjoy. Throughout my life as an eater, I have had some amazing food. Even at a young age my parents encouraged me to try, eat, and explore new foods as we traveled or my mom’s homemade meals took an adventurous turn. Over the past couple years, my appreciation for good food has developed. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive; it just has to taste REALLY good.

Unfortunately the threshold of “really good” food seems to be harder and harder to meet. It’s sort of like a drug. I keep trying to find and replicate some of my best food memories and have new-exciting food experiences but honestly, it hasn’t been going so well.

So here I am. In a rather food depressed state. Looking for inspiration and tastyness but coming up short.

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