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Food for Thought and a Funny

By Healingyoga

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. After avoiding sickness all Winter long, I find myself stuck with some sort of Spring virus. Even though I awoke with a resounding "uck," I got up and moved. Some gentle movement coordinated with the breath did the trick and made me feel somewhat human and more able to take on the day.

Since I've been taking it easy these past few days, I've spent a little more time with my iPad. In my news perusal, I found this excellent video from Max Strom who offers invites us to educate ourselves in terms of happiness (Max is right -- there is no app for that):


Being that I recently bought a new cell phone and an iPad, the message of technology not being the answer to everything was not only timely but necessary. I'm also a big fan of taking breathing off autopilot, so Max's message resonates with me in more ways than one.

And since I like to laugh, especially when I'm not feeling well, I had to share my latest gut-buster -- an article from the awesomeness that is Elephant Journal entitled How to Tell if You're a Yoga A-Hole. I don't know whether to laugh about or cry over the fact that I found myself meeting some of the author's a-hole criteria. GULP! A good reminder for not taking the pursuite of yoga too seriously.

Well, I'm off to rest my sick little self.



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