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Food Diary: Day2 – Cheat Meal

By Tejal Hewitt @Tejal_x

Saturday may probably be my cheat meal day so as you can imagine it was cheat meal day.

I started with a simple early morning breakfast of Egg whites before the gym. I tend to have something protein based and small before the gym – else I can’t seem to get a good workout!

Normal post gym I tend to have a 2nd mini breakfast however as we planned to go out for the lunch I skipped!

A few weeks ago we went to a place called Jimmy’s restaurant World Kitchen in Wembley and it was a really good buffet place with so many vegetarian options and we thought we go again. The next close one to us was in Luton – well let’s say it was a massive disappointment I wouldn’t even give it 2/10!! I actually didn’t eat most of on my place and filled up on sweets and mini eggs! (Doh) what a wasted cheat meal! However as it ended up being a late lunch I wasn’t actually hungry for dinner. I imagine my calorie intake for the day was probably close to 2000-2200! Any gains should be just water weight!


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