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Food Aesthetics: Your Cooking is Care

By Realizingresonance @RealizResonance


A delicious home cooked meal, situated enticingly on my plate, appetite visually stimulated by the ravenous colors and textures and delectable presentation. Alluring aromas gently prime my hunger, and with the first bite comes an existential experience that transcends taste. My wife’s cooking is an aesthetic occurrence for me. As an ode to this art of food I have attempted an aesthetic of my own, and have written my honorific as a poem, reminiscent of haiku. This is dedicated to my wife Mary, and my five favorite meals that she cooks for me.

Your Cooking is Care

Mary my life’s love
In bloom with five savory meals
Your cooking is care


Asparagus, pecans
Mix noodle, onion, garlic
Honey glaze chicken


Vegetable poach
In capered lemon beurre blanc
Soft salmon slivers


Roll homemade pasta
Fill pork, cheese, carmel onion
Fresh tortellini


For cravings crispy
Dredged in flour and crumbs
Fried Mary chicken


Melt in mouth tender
By silky sweet balsamic
Fine filet mignon


These meals taste like home
Savor life, love, comfort, care
Your cooking for me


Jared Roy Endicott

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