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Font Possibilities with the Pointed Nib

Since I started the blog series on calligraphy and the use of the flat nib and the pointed nib, I wanted to take it a step further by showing some possible styles you can achieve.

Keep in mind that these are ROUGH concepts/styles, but I'm thinking that through some of this exploration, I can come up with some new styles to add to what CT-Designs currently offers.

Enjoy and I'll be back this week...

Font Possibilities with the Pointed NibThis is a basic written style that is LEGIBLE, but then using the end of the pointed nib, different flourishes can be added to still add interest and a bit of formality... I'm thinking I can call it "manuscript flourish"
Font Possibilities with the Pointed NibI've already got a style called Curly Sue, but that style is more of a cursive with forms that connect. These curly forms I'm thinking can stand alone and guests can just enjoy what each letter does as it stands alone.
Font Possibilities with the Pointed NibI USED to offer a drop cap style (not sure when it fell off the radar), but I think this one is nice. Again, legibility with a bit of a flair. Soothes the eye, without distracting the viewer. I'm thinking that the next line of the address will have to drop down too low. Still needs work...Font Possibilities with the Pointed NibI love this one. Very romantic. Emphasis on the capital letters. Rest of the lower case letters pretty basic, but when the titled font is embellished in any way, it serves to make the wording seem important. Need to explore the rest of the alphabet.
Font Possibilities with the Pointed NibThis is a custom font that I am currently using for a live project. The client's stationer used a font called Lainie Day and we thought it would be fun to duplicate it for their guest's address blocks on the outer envelopes! I think this one might be a keeper. I only have one other casual font and could use another offering...
Font Possibilities with the Pointed NibI have been dying to add a really up and down, pointed font. I'm thinking like an Asian feel. I need to work on this to make it even more dramatic and impactful... Stay tuned!

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