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Follow the Paper Trail

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
As the girls get older, it seems like every activity has more and more paperwork. Lately I've had the girls sit at the table to fill out as much as they can. Whenever they complain, I remind them that it's not my job to put pen to paper to fill in the details they already know. 

They know their names, birth date, address, phone number and emergency contact information. They can answer basic questions about their health. They know their pediatrician's phone number. There is no reason they can't be responsible for some of their paperwork.

I tell them that if they are going to be more responsible for their lives, they need to understand how much behind-the-scenes work going into their activities. They are pretty good about it, especially when they point out that the people reading the paperwork will probably be happier that their neat handwriting is on the forms. I would have protested, but they are correct. My handwriting is terrible. If that's what it takes to get them to do the work, I'll take it.

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