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Foetus Parties Are They Really Good Or Bad?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
Foetus parties are they really good or bad?

Foetus parties are they really good or bad?

This post is a guest post

I was just reading an article that stood out it was about Foetus parties and the commercialisation of them. Basically people are now more likely to have 3d and 4d scans of their baby at 12 -20 weeks and have friends and family round to look at the photos (called Foetus parties)

A top midwife is saying women nowadays are taking a worrying trend towards the commercialisation of pregnancy and having foetus parties. She went on to say “Diagnostic scans are now being used for entertainment rather than their original purpose” and private firms were cashing in by offering “VIP” packages for up to £185, she noted.

Prof Warwick said “ultrasound was intended to be a screening tool to help detect babies with serious problems and ensure pregnancy management was tailored appropriately.”

She is worried that women will celebrate more openly than normal at the early stage then at a later stage has serious problems with birth etc she will need far more counseling than someone who did not get a 3d or 4d scan. She called these type of people “Yummy Mummy” or “WAG” parenting

I really don’t know if having these scans puts more pressure on women in their pregnancies or not as I didn’t have any extra scans (only the ones I had at the hospital). I did not tell any family until I was over 12 weeks. I however don’t see how someone who wants extra scans can be called a WAG. I’m sure these parents are just as “normal” and loving as a parent who does not have extra scans. Surely regardless of wanting a 4d scan we still want the best for our unborn child.

In my opinion I also think no matter how far you are in your pregnancy and something happens to your child all people cope in different way but I think all mums who have a problem or find something wrong with their child will need/want some help be it counseling or some other support.

How do you feel about these so called “foetus parties”?

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